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Thread: DCUA reports

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    Default DCUA reports

    Looking for some reports from the DCUA sheep tag holders. I'm leaving Friday morning and would like to hear how others have done so far.

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    Default DCUA Mutton

    AK hunter 45,
    Hike back 20 miles and have your choice of legal rams. Pack your nice ram back through the other camps that can't make it up into the glaciers and show off your horns with a big grin on your face.

    Really, twice hunted DCUA (1992 and 2009), and basically had multiple choices for shooters, but you have to be willing to put in some miles, not hunt from a 4 wheeler, or from the strip. Just my .02

    BTW T-REX was the shooter this year, I was just the moral support on this hunt. Opening day 9:00 AM. Check out photo gallery.
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    Chris sent me a pm and I tried to call but no answer. I have no intention of hunting from my 4 wheeler, this could be my 1 and only chance at a DCUA ram and I will do whatever it takes to find a shooter ram.


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