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    Question Bond Arms

    Have any of you ever used a Bond Arms Derringer? I looked them up on the internet (Texas manufacturer) and it looked like a great personal defense gun. Especially in the .45/.410 barrel. I haven't seen one for sale anywhere and don't want to buy a pig in a poke. Just wondering...........


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    Default Not bad

    An acquaintance had one and we did some plinking up on Hatcher Pass with standard .45 Colt loads. It was surprising how pleasant it was to shoot. He put a couple of .410s through it, but I like popping solid slugs. It seemed quite well made.

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    Its the best out there,the Freedom Arms so to speak of deringers.They do have a bit of a different trigger pull,more down than back. Get the bigger grip as it helps on the pull but recoil isn't that bad. I shoot 255gr cast at 900pfs from a 4 1/2" barrel and its realy easier to handle than my 454 Alaskan. This is a much better gun than the American Arms gun from Waco.


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