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Thread: 19ft grumman canoe remote steering

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    Default 19ft grumman canoe remote steering

    Has anyone ever installed a remote steering set up on this kind of or similar canoe? I have a 19ft freighter and i,am putting a 15hp honda short shaft on it.Would like to install remote steering to the front seat. Would like to hear any pros or cons. Thanks Sam

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    Default Remote control

    would it work? YES IT WOULD, there is some down turn in using one
    # 1 if on a lake or very large river it could work very will
    # 2 if on small , or shallow water you could have problems, you need to be near the motor to look out for sweepers an rocks
    # 3 you will lose space in the canoe, an on trips [fishing / hunting/ camping]
    you will need all you can get,
    # 4 not to talk about cost most people with canoe's try to keep it cheep an keep the cost down as much as possible so if you try it let us know

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    Default You can always do the pole

    I've been trying out the seymore pole that Mark talked about. You can make it long enough to steer from the front seat. I happen to have a telescoping aluminum pole that was for poling a canoe, I took the duck bill off it and attached it to the tiller with a piece of radiator hose. I can steer from anywhere in the canoe with that setup.

    Takes a little getting used to but it is cheap and gives you more flexibility. I can't shift gears or kill the motor from way up in front, but otherwise it works good. I think I will wire up a kill switch because it would be useful to be able to kill the motor without walking all the way back.
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    I would be curious to know if it works out. The problem I see is not being able to run the lift from the front. Most cricks I run give the lift a workout.

    Since ballast is critical anyways to get the Grummans to settle into place I believe most problems with running solo (therefore "light") can be solved with a few five gallon buckets w/ lids...fill em with crick water and throw em up front.

    It is hard to not find a use for a five gallon bucket in the field anyways so lugging a bit o' crick water in em keeps them from blowing out till you throw something more usefull in em

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