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Thread: Big Shot in the dark (Need Advice)

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    Default Big Shot in the dark (Need Advice)

    OK my fellow Alaskan's Once again need some advice. I just had a guided moose hunting trip fall through. Now I need to come up with something for 3 lifelong friends who are coming up. They will be here 29 Aug thru 7 Sept. Any advice I mean any advice you guys can send me way please do.


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    If the guide/outfitter you booked ran short on help and had to cancel your hunt, you may be able to still use the bush flights that were reserved. Between you and your friends, do you have enough gear to do the hunt in the location you had planned? Can you access the location you had planned?

    A little more info on why the hunt was canceled, what type of friends (novice outdoorsmen, experienced hunters and wilderness campers, etc) are coming up, would help people try to help you.

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    Default Hunters

    Great Hunters and Outdoorsmen. They are experienced at hunting Elk and Deer in the Northwest.

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    man i thought this was about another sheep hunt.. wheeew..

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    OK - can you still hunt the location you were planning to hunt, even if you won't have a guide along? If you can access the same area - do you have enough gear to do it, or are you without tent/gear/etc?

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    MD makes a great point, take advantage of what may still be available and go sans guide.

    You all certainly will be saving a great deal of cash by not having to pay the guide, so if gear is an issue take those funds and invest in what is needed for the trip. I would certainly try to keep the air charters pinned down for transportation then try to figure a plan to hunt from there.

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    Default Thank You

    Thank you everyone for some great advice. I got some great advice and came up with a great plan. Happy hunting and God Bless

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    Good luck man, let us know how it goes! Thanks for your service.


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