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    OK, I wasn't going to post this but I just had to share this with my fellow gear junkies. Over the last 3 weeks or so I have been visiting this site daily and have bought brand spankin new Sitka Gear clothing at 1/2 off or more. To see some of the stuff they've sold lately, go to the site,click on forums and peruse the goods. I know some of you probably already know of this site but for those that don't, well, here you go.

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    I have been watching camofire for a while, they do have some great deals. They will occasionally run some deals on Badlands packs too, saw the 4500 going for $175.

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    Thanks for sharing AKhunter45. Wow. How the hell do they get such great deals on some of this stuff. Incredible prices. Now if I can catch a Sitka day here very soon for some 90% pants.......


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    That one is bad but this one will keep you clicking refresh... How about $80 patagonia merino wool base layer shirts for $33? They sell multiple items per day so just keep checking in and you can score some great gear!

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    Been watching that site for over a year now and have got some great deals.


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