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    This morning (8/25) at around 730 I lost my rod and reel driving back from Jim creek. It's a green lamiglass rod with a silver abu garcia reel and a blue vibrax on it. This rod and reel was a graduation gift from my father and it's pretty important to me. I'm offering a 25 dollar reward for whoever found it because I'm pretty sure someone picked it up. After I noticed it missing I immediately drove back walked the trail then drove it.

    Please whoever found it be a nice person I know the rig is worth more then 25 bucks but I'm a broke ass teenager that is a full time fishermen and without my rod, I can't really fish.

    Just shoot me a pm or post here if you found it.



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    Sorry to hear about your loss, it has happened to me too--definitely a bummer. I will happily give you another outfit, won't be the high quality like the one you lost, but will keep you fishing. PM me.
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    I appreciate the offer sir, but I couldn't possibly accept. I just hope whoever found my set-up is as nice as you.


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