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Thread: Almost bagged a bear

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    Default Almost bagged a bear

    So I sat around the first part of the day pouting that the clouds were too low to really look for the rams I wanted to chase that I saw a couple days prior. After a while I just decided to go berry picking with my wife and look for bears this afternoon. Saw this group but that was about it.

    Here is the pic through the spotter about 1.5 miles away:

    Came back had dinner and the clouds started to lift around 7 pm. Found 3 rams high on the mountain, but too late in the day to do much about them. Then spotted this guy at 8:30 about 2 miles away. Here is a pic of him in the spotter when I spotted him:

    Thought well I am all rested up from just berry picking all day so I gave it a go. Hiked the 2 miles in record time.....for me anyways. Only took about an hour after getting my stuff together. So at 10 pm I was 500 yrds away from the bear. Only problem is there is 300 yrds of thick alders between me and him and I don't have time to silently move through that many alders and get out the other side with enough shooting light. Oh well fun day regardless and maybe see if he's poking his head out in the same area tomorrow. Just trying to do my part to help out the moose population. Also trying to practice my picture taking through the spotter, man thats a pain to get it aligned right and in focus. Anyone got any pointers?


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    Well, your on to where they are, so go back and wait, and one will come to your side of the thickett.
    Just be patient, and get to know the place well enough that you get him on your terms.

    Good luck!
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    Good luck with the bruin tomorrow and the rams as well Luke! Sorry no tips on using the camera and spotter together, I find myself taking a lot of pics and a few turning out ok.

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    Default Cabin

    Must be up at the cabin huh Luke? Can't wait to get up there... get those bears thinned out so I can sleep at night See ya in a couple weeks!

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    Default Better luck next time

    I'm sure that you'll keep after them and end up successful on both, thanks for the pics.


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