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Thread: Float hunt or Drop off

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    Default Float hunt or Drop off

    Considering a drop off moose hunt next year and was offered a float hunt. Any thoughts on which is better? Never been on a float hunt before and a little concerned about the cost/unkonwn factors.

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    Default Might be worth it.

    I have done a couple remote floats, mostly for fishing, getting out on a river is one of the most enjoyable activities for me. I own my own raft so I go alot. However I just completed a caribou hunt on my canoe and it was pretty fun too. No doubt you will have a good time on a float, especially if the company kept is good. Prices very greatly depending on what type of aircraft and how remote you go.

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    There are benifits to floats that drop off don't have. If you don't find game at one spot you just float down to another. You can also take more gear if the plane you fly in allows. The raft carries all the weight not you, until you hit shallow spots. If you are going to hunt for moose, I've found that it's best to get off the river aways to find them where I go. I've done 3 float hunts and have taken one moose and two grizzlies.


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