This is a rough recipe from a buddy for low sugar jam. He is diabetic so he watches what he eats to a degree. He picks his own raspberries and freezes them in a 3# butter dish. So that is what he uses for his measure of berries.

3# butter dish of raspberries
2 packages of sugar free(or regular) raspberry Jello

He puts the 3# of berries in a sauce pan and thaws them, gets them boiling and then adds the Jello. Stirs in the Jello for just a second to get it mixed in. Removes from heat and pours them in hot, clean jars. He actually saves old Smuckers jars and uses the original lids. They reseal although he keeps the jam in the fridge all the time. I must say it is pretty tasty and tart, which I like. The regular Jello isn't as tart.

Pretty simple which is the way he likes it.

This may be common but thought I would share it.