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Thread: Whittier Boat Ramp

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    Default Whittier Boat Ramp

    Just wondering what everyone thinks about the new ramps since we've had a chance to use them all summer? I think the ramps themselves are nice, the docks could use some cleats to tie off too and it can still be a cluster when it's busy.

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    I totally like what they've done.
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    Default Heading to Sea/Heading to land

    They forgot those directional signs, instead spent the time and money on a little doll house inbetween the ramp. I haven't seen anyone peel the roof off it with a camper yet, maybe I'll be the first. The docks and ramp itself are very nice, when you are the only boat there and it's calm, can't beat it! Everything done in a hurry on a Friday night with everyone trying to launch can skue everyones opinion of a good boat ramp.

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    The good - no longer is there rebar sticking up out of the broken concrete. More choices for where at the dock to launch (3 lanes instead of 2).

    The bad - the small distance between the two docks. It can be difficult if not sometimes impossible to walk a boat up or back when there are solid lines of boats between the two docks. Is the distance between the two docks a commonly used one and I just THINK it's too little?

    On a positive note, there were two ACTIVE workers helping at the docks Saturday morning when I was coming in to take out. Since I needed to get my boat out of the water quickly so that others could launch, and I was only the second boat back, one worker helped walk a launched boat from in front of me to behind me and let me quickly get my boat out of the water.

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    I think the new ramps are great, but cleats and lines painted on the top ramp would be great. Baking down on my blind side is always a challenge, hard to tell where yea need to be until the trailer starts over the edge.
    Would be a whole lot better if the ramps weren’t used for boat repair and client loading for the charter fleet, but guess transient parking is a minimum …so what can yea do.
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    Calm wind and no one there, I agree is fine but i take issue with the direction thing or lack of direction control. When it's busy it's a bigger pain than before. Didn't they tell us there would be attendants or something?
    Oh yea, I pointed out to the harbormaster that those long wooden tie off bunks are too close to the edge, some of us have sufficent bow flair that they actully rub on the boat, unprotected. He responded that they are more use to these types down in S.E where he came from? I guess that makes scents.
    Said they'd mention it to the engineer, that makes scents too!
    Lacking lane lines, I use the corner of that doll house as a guide on when using those center lanes.
    I guess I should shut up before someone points out that I work on the slope and can easily miss the major trafic periods!!!

    what about them commercial guys, they get in the way too.

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    Default No tie off's Maybe just Maybe

    Some will not feel the need to PARK thier boat on a Boat Launch Dock. Suggested they put some bike racks up and have bikes at the parking lot to ride over and back. Heck pay the parking $1 to rent one park and bring any one there back.
    I got my own and makes walking time and the wait at the harbor very short.

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    Default Are you better off this year than last year?

    There could be some tweaking done and you might see it next year. Shoot the harbormaster some suggestions and I am sure some will be implemented.

    It is still better than last year and it shows that Whittier is at least trying to make improvements.

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