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    In doing some research I have run across this site. This is my first post!

    I am going down to Sterling next weekend to hunt some Rabbits and grouse. But Ive been told to take a good rifle and get a moose and Black bear tag in case!
    I will be in GMU 15a north of the highway. I just want to make sure this isnt a draw area. From what I have read is Residents (me) can take any Bull 50+ 3 tines or spike fork and up to 2 Black bears.

    I know about shooting from/across the roads. I understand moose must be harvested, but the black bear only needs skin and skull with evidence of sex attached.

    Is there anything else I should know?

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    Don't use any info you get off this forum without double/triple checking it for yourself in the regs. Have fun.



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