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Thread: skilak to bings question

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    Default skilak to bings question

    I am looking to do some trips on the kenai this fall by renting a car and a raft from alaska canoe and campground.

    If the weather is good I would like to float the middle as i like that area more than the upper. One question i have is about how long a row is it in a raft from the put in at skilak to the dunes (where it actully starts to flow). I have done this float with others that have a drift boat and motor. Seems like a good distance.

    is there anyone that actully rents out raft with outboards?

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    Its a little over a mile, takes me less than a hour to row.

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    I rowed it last year in near white caps in my SOAR Pro-Pioneer canoe and it took around 50 minutes with a headwind. I had to hug the shore close, but it was quite a bit quicker than I thought. I wouldn't worry about the outboard if I were you.

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    thanks for the info, if it takes and hour or less i'll probable just row.

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    Default Skilak to Bings

    Brandon, the trip is about 12 miles long,, or about,,,
    I know you are planning on taking out at Bings landing, but you may want to float down even further,,
    a few weeks ago,, I was fishing below Moose river and above Morgans landing and we caught a rainbow that was over 30 inch's and several in the 24 to 26 range..
    if you have the time.. its not a bad trip..
    see you soon
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