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Thread: Little Susitnal Float

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    Default Little Susitnal Float

    I am looking for any information out there on float time and water conditions on the Little Su from the bridge at Shrock Road down to the Parks highway.

    My wile and I are planning to float it in a pair of 10" recreational kayaks. We have used the boats extensively on the local lakes but this would be the first flowing water trip.

    Is this a reasonable beginner float or is there a better option in the valley?

    I would appreciate any information available.

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    Default beware of sweepers

    Not sure that I would do this part of the river for your first time on moving water. There are sweepers and trees so be careful. A friend of mine a few years ago not knowing any better tried this in a canoe and almost lost his life and did have the canoe totaled when it got trapped in a sweeper.
    From the parks bridge down is a better choice for a first time river float.
    Just my 2 cents.


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