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Thread: rifle cleaning/protection

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    Default rifle cleaning/protection

    I have always been a little obsessive about cleaning my guns. For years I have used Hoppe's for cleaning followed by LPS 3 for corrosion prevention. It has worked well, but I'm considering possible alternatives. I know there are all kinds of new coatings (cera-cote, Arctic coat, etc.), but I'm old fashioned. Rifles should be blued steel with walnut stocks, or they just don't look right. I do own one stainless rifle, but it is strictly a tool, not something I take any particular pride in as a rifle.
    I'm considering trying Turtle Wax this moose season, just to see how it works. Either the paste or liquid. Anyone else tried this or have any other suggestions?
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    I like Min Wax and it holds up great. You want to be sure your stock is really sealed inside and out includeing under the butt plate so the wood dose not shift around on you.If I'm going to be in the weather for days I just put a good coating of MinWax on all of the gun


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