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Thread: things to do a atv

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    Default things to do a atv

    here is a list of items that i want to add to the atv when i get uo there

    windshield with brush hand guards and mirrors

    headlights on the atv and tail light if they are not allready on them ,,

    heavy duty typle brush guards bumpers with bult in winch section to use as need

    heavy duty atv winch unit for use as need

    heavy duty typle rear bumper with tow hitch set up

    rear cargo deck custom stowage box for hauling supplies in need

    front stowage rack set up for hauling large items in as need

    then if need be a small two wheeled trailer for use as need to bring back supplies from townships as need or hauling firewood as need

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    Hmm why a windshield and hand guards?? A windshield will cover the hands. All the 4 wheelers I know have headlights. Why the mirros and tail lights? Although they all have tail lights? Seems like you need to see a dealer as it appears you do not know much bout 4 wheelers. the brush here will tear a windshield off as well as the mirros. Hand guards are good. I see you did not even think about tires? Stock tires suck. You should heed what the others have said and see a dealer. If you are not in Alaska wait till you get here. Winch is good as well as front and rear bumpers. I am a big guy at 280 and I still ride a 400 cat and it get me around just fine. I wish you all the best in your search.


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