A couple weeks back, Alasgun advertised an upcoming trip to PWS on the "Open Seat" thread. I was fortunate to be selected. This was a big deal for me as I have been restoring an old boat and as time marches on I discover there's a lot more restoring that needs to be done! At any rate, I wanted to see the Whittier tunnel routine and launching procedures so when the time comes I won't be one of those knuckleheads everyone loves to hate.
The weather and seas were cooperative. Shrimping was good..another new thing for me..and Mike whipped up meals fit for royalty. Fishing wasn't that hot but I couldn't have cared less. Just so nice to be out there and see the sights and to learn from an experienced skipper.
"Huda Thunkit" is one sweet vessel..a 25' C Dory with many precision upgrades fabricated and installed by the owner that would make any skilled factory tech envious.
For many who enjoy PWS or anywhere else for that matter, I'm sure that while enjoyable, maybe some of the "new" wears off after years of many trips. If you have the where with all to take someone along once in a while, I'd encourage it. I'm profoundly grateful for the best 2 days I've had in years...Thanks again, Alasgun....YOU DA MAN!!