Hi, I'm new to the Forum; in fact I found it looking for Salmon recipies. Found a bunch! We just got back from a great trip to Sitka. We arrived 8-13 and stayed at the Pacific Chalet for a week. Great place!( http://www.sitkavacation.com/alaskan...alet/index.htm ). There were 6 of us and it cost about $45/night pp. We fished with Cheston Clark ( http://www.sitkasbestfishing.com/ ) and just slammed the fish. I'v been to Alaska fishing probably 20 times and Cheston is one of the top two guides I've ever fished with in Alaska (the other is Chazman Charters - Chaz Glagolich in Kodiak). We caught Cohos, Kings, Halibut, Black Rock fish and Ling Cod.
The thing I noticed more that anything was the difference between Texas weather (95-103 degrees) and Sitka where the high or the week was probably 60 degrees.
If any of you have any secret recipies for smoked salmon and would share, I'd sure apprceciate it.