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Thread: Happenings at Fish Creek

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    Default Happenings at Fish Creek

    I am an out of state sportsman from Wisconsin, I had the pleasure to meet several great people on 8/22/09 while fishing the creek but also had some bad apples take the shine off the day. There were two guys stranded by the tide, EMS was called and a couple guys in a canoe went to their aid just as the chopper was being called. After that as the tide was going out I was amaized at the lack of respect shown by the snaggers following the fish downstream, they just walked the stream bed in front of fisherman as they went happily alongs pretending to fish (snagging) as the water receeded. I didn't even want to go back so maybe they acomplished what they set out to do (discourage others from fishing their creek)
    The amount of Silvers that were caught was very low acording to all that I talked with.
    I hope that what I saw was out of the usual, I have seen the combat fishing but this was over the top from anything else I have seen this summer in Alaska.

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    Angry Welcome to Alaska

    A shame, isn't it? There is a phone number on the back of your fishing licence, call it and get these clowns busted!

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    I'm from Wisconsin too (Rhinelander) and have been pretty disappointed in the same ways up here.
    Finally, Brad Childress is GONE!


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