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Thread: coming back form Iraq trying to find some bows

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    Default coming back form Iraq trying to find some bows

    Im coming back from Iraq in september, and Im going to be one the water the last weekend of september, so im trying to find somewhere that will have some big bows. I was thinking montana creek or just hitting the kenei.

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    Default bows in Sept?

    I will be floating the Upper Kenai from Sportsmans to Jims each day Sept 18-21 in our 14' Sotar raft. My wife and I would be honored to have you in our boat. PM me if you can make it during any of those dates. Either way, thanks for your service.

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    Default Go for the Kenai

    I haven't fished the valley streams much in late fall, but I can whole heartedly recommend the Kenai. I live in Kenai and like Dan, I'd be happy to float you if you need a ride. I'm no guide, but I've been doing it a few years and just can't get enough of it.

    I'll second the thanks for your service as well.

    PM me if you can't make Dan's weekend. I'm always on the look-out for a good excuse to make another trip


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    If you go to the Valley, then the Willow, Montana, and Clear Creek (Talkeetna) should all be good. Down south, you can't go wrong with the Kenai (upper or Middle). Welcome back and thanks for your service, hope you catch and release a few "hogs".


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