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Thread: Tunnel Problem on '05 Edge

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    Default Tunnel Problem on '05 Edge

    Hello everyone here, I have a 2005 Edge Touring 500, now i ran it 1.5 seasons & the tunnel where the bolts that hold the front swing arm wore holes that make the swing arm move up & down & I am asking should I replace the tunnel or just the steel plates that attach to the tunnel? What would you do?

    Thanks in Advanced.

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    Default steel plates

    I would replace the steel plates. It cheaper

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    Default Go with the steel

    Replacing the tunnel is a very involved job (been there, done that). Just drill out the rivits and replace. Should be less than an hour job. If you can, fabricate another steel plate to go on the opposite side so the aluminum of the tunnel is sandwiched between two steel plates. This should make it worry free for many years. Also, make sure the bolt stays tight thorugh out the season. It probably loosened up and that is what caused the excessive wear.

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    Replace the plates and add bigger washers to the mounting bolts. Also take 5 minutes a week to tighten up your bolts on your suspension to prevent this from happening again.
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