I was fortunate enough to receive a post on KCK's Eddylist from someone looking to run the lower portion of Eagle River from the campground to Bravo Bridge on Ft. Rich. We met at 6pm at the Ft. Rich gate to obtain the neccessary permits and then set the shuttle.

The grouped ended up being 4 hardshell playboats, an IK, a 14' sb, and me in my 15' self-bailer. By the time the paperwork was done, the shuttle set, and the gear assembled we were on the river about 7:15. It's about 5 miles from the put-in below Campground rapid to the takeout at Bravo bridge. The trip could probably be done in about an hour if you pushed it, but we took our time to let the kayakers play. I was told to be back at the put-in before 10pm or the gate might be locked.

The guage read about 4.3 making it a fun, fast run with just enough challenges to keep you paying attention and reading the water for the next hidden pillow rock in the glacial water. The scenery is gorgeous and you'll probably have it all to yourself. It's not a good first run river for a newbie to rafting, but after a few trips it should provide just the right amount of challenge. No pics as I was alone in my boat. I'd forgotten how much fun an empty boat is to row.