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Thread: Deshka Report 8/21

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    Default Deshka Report 8/21

    We Hit the river with lots of fog and it was cold. We started at the Mouth and went as far as the beaver hole. NOTHING not even a fish roll. Oh well it was a nice morning. I think that run has jumped the Shark.

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    Yeah my buddy went out on his boat earlier with the same results, no fish. He headed up to Clear Creek afterward and said the fishing was great but not many silver fish they are all turning.

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    Default 2nd wave...

    If past records are any indication, then there should be another push of fish this weekend or so. Usually about a week after the initial big run moves through, another school will find its way into the river.
    Look at F&G website records for the last 5 years and you'll see what I am referring to.
    I imagine they will slide in on the next downpour out there, looks like that might be Sunday?!


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