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Thread: Kodiak Goats Anyone?

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    Question Kodiak Goats Anyone?

    Drew DG 475 (Zachar River). I've got a plane booked and ready to haul me in on 01 Sept-14 Sept. (Early out is expected if Mother Nature cooperates and I can hike my brains out, and I can shoot straight, and I can avoid 1000 lb meat eaters...)

    Anyway, anyone hunt the south-eastern portion of Uyak Bay for goats? Anyone fly in on salt and hike up?

    Any special gear I may need (crampons, etc)?

    Any advice is appreciated.

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    Default Did that hunt last year

    You won't need the crampons, I took mine last year and didn't even pull 'em out, just bogged me down with more weight. Yes I hiked in from the salt...Your in for a world of ALDER!, ALDER!, and ALDER! we even traced out a trail from the plane and we still ran into the stuff.

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    I did the same hunt 5 years ago in oct. It took us a bit but we found a decent trail up to goat country without getting totally bogged down in alders. We did have problems with bears and that bay is full of um! I went back for a spring bear hunt 2 years ago and camped in the same spot, had 55 bear sightings in 7 days Never did get a goat but saw a few we couldn't get a stalk on. Have fun and take a bear fence for your tent while your out hunting.

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    Hunted Spiridon Bay from the salt in '07 and had the same situation. 10 to 15' high alder and lots of salmon berry bushes intertwined so thick, I could've used a machete. Took 8 hours to break through to the 2000' bench.
    Great goat country once up top. Took a young billy. Don't camp next to salmon streams when you come back down. That's another story...

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    Listen to them when they are saying "brushy" and "alders". The first 1000 to 1500 feet is THICK with alders. I realize that the 475 goat hunt has limited lakes to land in, but that would be my first choice if other hunters/carriers had not beat me to those areas. You certainly can climb through the alders if that becomes your only/best choice, but you will use much physical energy on the brush and the climb that could be spent chasing goats. And then there are the bears...getting dropped above helps with both issues.


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