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    I've been having good luck with white shrimp I have treated with pro-cure, and steelies go nuts on them.Price is $5.99 a lb, for a weeks bait.Do you guys use egg cure on shrimp? GR

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    I am from Atlanta Ga. was up in July and had a trip with a local guide on the Lower Kenai. Had a blast and caught my personal best King Salmon. While we were out I asked a million questions of my guide one of which was how he cured his Salmon eggs and he told me that he used Pro Cure. The bait we used looked as good as any that I have ever seen in the past so I went by the Hardware store there in Soldnata and purchased a jar to take home with me. Thanks to the TSA all my clothes that I had in my suitcase now look tie died because they removed the lid and most of the contents of the jar were dumped into my suitcase. I don't know what kind of die they use in Pro Cure but it does not wash out easily and it makes a bright pink color on anything that it touches. If you have some never ever put it in a suitcase that is going to be loaded on a commercial airline. I know you local guys know better but I thought I would warn the greenhorns that might make the same mistake. I now have some Columbia Fishing Shirts that are a very unique color I just tell my fishing buddies that its lipstick to try to save face.


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