I sent a friend to the Archers Den to get his ne birthday present all set up and ready for a hunt (he got back into archery after over a decade). I wanted to push as much buisness as possible to Paul as he was our local shop. Long story short, Paul is closed, still has the Bow and nobody has heard from him. My buddy sure would like to get his equipment back so we can get it ready for him. Poor guy had a bow stolen from him over ten years ago and stpooed hunting and now that he got a new one he hasn't been able to even pull back the string. I have tried to contact Paul through the Archers Den web site, sent him a PM on this forum and even talked to some of his closer friends and still havn't gotten a response. Someone please help me get my buddies bow back because he really wants it and I feel like crap for what has happen based on my recomendation. If anybody can help please call me at 854-8429 or send me a PM. Thanks