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Thread: duck hunting around anchorage

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    Default duck hunting around anchorage

    Hey if there is anyone in here with any info on duck hunting around anchorage i would appriciate it. Im from arkansas and have been hunting mostly duck since i could hold a gun i got to alaska and deployed soon after im looking for a good place around end of oct begining of nov, just maybe go throw some decoys out and see if i call some ducks in.
    thanks Adam

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    Depending on the weather the easy to get to spots at that time of the year may be iced over. You may need to hook up with someone that has a good boat and can break ice to get out to thin ice spots or running water spots where the ducks are roosting at night.

    OR we could be in shirt sleeve weather and be fine.

    Search on here when you have the time and you will find most the info you need for close to Anchorage spots. There are probably a dozen posts that specifically answer your question. There are probably 50 or more posts that are about Anchorage that won't answer your question.

    Find something specific that you have questions about and post up or PM the questions.

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    There's a good chance that a good deal of hunting areas will be froze up or in the process of doing so that late in the year. Sea ducks may be better a better option.
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