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    A friend and I went up for some late season caribou hunting. We were not disappointed. From Atigun River 1, there were caribou everywhere. We both got one and saw several people loading there trucks up with animals as well. The temp was cold, but as long as you kept moving it wasn't too bad. A great way to end the bow season.

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    Robkrol, What are the road conditions? Did you flatten any tires? How many? Did you camp? Where, generally? How far did you travel off the road to bag the big one? Any pictures?
    Sorry for the questions, but I'm just trying to get an idea.

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    Default Haul Road

    I had a friend just get back too. The bou were at Gabrith Lake and plentiful. He took one with traditional archery equipment from ten yards. His son did not take anything. -30 degrees and they slept in the truck...Oh baby!

    No peoblems of any kind with anything else.

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    As the temps are dipping in the interior they are going to be seeing -40 and colder in Coldfoot the next few days. Guys heading north better be prepaired. A warm room in Coldfoot is sounding like a better idea to me.

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    We camped in the truck at Atigun river 1. There is a nice pull out there to get off the road. The road up was in good condition, no flats. Both the Caribou we shot were no more than 250 yards from the road. Since the valley is slim at Atigun 1 it funnels the caribou close to the road. No pictures taken it was dark and we were cold.


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