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Thread: Storing white spruce logs

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    Default Storing white spruce logs

    Apologies if the issue has been already discussed.
    The logs in question (8" round) have been cut, milled, and coped to specified lengths.
    I will hopefully be assembling them next spring.
    Although the outside cabin dimensions are 18x24 the purlin logs will be significantly longer.
    At 22 logs high, we will be stacking over 100 logs, to be stored on the ground.
    What sort of storing ideas have worked for over winter on the Kenai?
    Dunnage, cradles, spacers, covers, etc.
    Just unloading them off the trucks without damage will be a trick.
    Will try it by hand first, then rent something if necessary to unload.
    Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    Are these dried logs or green?
    Obviously you need ot keep them dry and out of direct sunlight.
    I like to sticker the logs about every two feet with 1/4x 1 1/2 lath
    Stack to a comfortable height for handeling high enough off the ground to keep the bottom dry and covered on top with pallets of framework to keep your weather barrier off the logs. Allow air flow from both ends. Did I mention keeping them dry? In some instances like round logs you can stack logs in layers 90 degrees with small spaces inbetween side by side logs. Two sided logs I prefer to sticker.

    Where are you on the Kenai?

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    I'm planning to drop some spuce trees this winter and stack them to be used for a log cabin. I won't be peeling them till spring. As long as it stays frozen, is there any reason to cover them?
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