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Thread: Grayling fishing on Chena

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    Question Grayling fishing on Chena

    I'm headed up to Fairbanks and staying in a cabin near the Chena river next week. I heard the grayling fishing was good up there. I've never fished for grayling though. Does anyone have any pointers for this area and grayling in general? Thanks in advance....

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    this has places and as for pointers they will hit about anything i used blue 0 vibraxes in the chena flies work well for grayling too i have even used and i willl probly catch hell for this but if you aake a single unwigthed hook and cut a cigarette filter in half just one thats laying on the ground it floats real well and grayling hit it like crazy, almost like the have a nicotine habit

    i havnt done that in years this thread just reminded me of it lol, wworked well when i was a teenager though


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