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    I am currently looking for a used outboard, and I have come across one I might be interested in, except for one question. It is a fairly new Yamaha 90 horse 4 stroke, but the thing is, the motor has been completely submerged in Salt Water. What concerns should I have? Is that an automatic sign to run? Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, J

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    Really depends on how it was treated when raised out of the water. If they started flushing it immediately then it could run for years. I've been in on a couple of these deals. Some of the things we did...

    flush external surfaces with lots of freshwater
    change the engine oil (4strokes)
    change the lower unit oil
    pull plugs
    squirt oil into cylinders
    crank engine (for fun, ask a buddy to look into the sparkplug hole, then watch him get wet)
    drain carbs (if carbed)
    reinstall plugs
    get engine to run
    run engine till hot
    change oils again
    spray engine with corrosion block.

    The engine on this boat is still running, and it sank years ago...

    Still, you might expect wiring/electrical problems in the future.

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    I'd be concerned about corosion in the electrical. Seems likely only a matter of time before it would fail, and the great deal wouldn't be so great if it died on you away from shore.


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