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    Default Whittier to Valdez

    I am thinking about running from Whittier to Valdez and was just wondering how many miles it is between the two. I have a feeling this has been discussed before, if it has I appologize, but I could not find any posts on the subject.

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    In the 96 range, I believe as the ferry flys.

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    The shortest route between Whittier Harbor to Valdez Harbor is right at 90 miles.

    Be very careful of rocks and shoals along the north shore of PWS. There are uncharted rocks in the entrance to Eaglek Bay. Usually ice floes to avoid north and east of Glacier Island.

    A very large and noisy sea lion colony stays on the southeast tip of Glacier Island. One of the best places in the sound to take a close look at these guys.
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    Plan on plenty of extra gas; the wind was there all last week and it really sucks the fuel out of the tanks bucking the waves. It is a nice trip- you will enjoy it. Also, with all the rain last week, the Narrows in the Valdez
    Arm was full of debris and a general mess.


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