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Thread: Wolf hunt success?

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    Default Wolf hunt success?

    In areas with significant established history's of wolf harvest, how successfull are your Bio's at hitting their target harvest numbers?

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    Default I realize wolf management can be a hot button issue...

    So I understand if this forum's members chose to stay silent on a public forum.

    I ask because I have witnessed the successful introduction of canadian grey wolves into Yellowstone and central Idaho. These Bio's consult with your Bio's about management as they are the experts. This year will be the first (modern) wolf season in Idaho, however the quota (equal to estimated population growth) was established with a politics first, biology second aproach. This was done in the interest of having a season... any season without an injunction from the courts (cross fingers).

    I would just like to hear your experience with local wolf management. Are wolf #'s constantly fluctuating along with ungulate #'s?... or do your Bio's have management down to a science so there have been healthy populations of wolves and ungulates in your neck of the woods for the last 30+ yrs... observations anyone???

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    We don't have any real set wolf harvest numbers other than the areas that have Intensive Management wolf population objectives. For the most part, wolf densities aren't even accurately known in most areas.

    Trappers have to seal wolves, so biologists have records of trapping take. Same with hunting take. And any control done too is recorded.

    Yes, wolves have dynamic populations just like ungulates that rise and fall depending on several factors. Wolves can also rebound quickly if there is a lot of biomass available. Here where I live we used to have plenty of wolves and plenty of moose, but now it seems we don't have that many moose and I'm hardly seeing any wolf sign on the trapline past few years. Caribou stopped coming through too. Major wildfires in 2004 and 2005 also affected things.

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    Thanks Bushrat for sharing your experience... didn't know most area's were "hands off" management... that seems to be working out fine. Apparently your population is highly dependent on environmental conditions much like ours...only your neighbors must be seeing wolves more realistically than my current neighbors. Hopefully there will be a season or two here without a court stoping it.


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