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Thread: Freighter on the Yentna

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    Anyone ever used a freighter on the Yentna. I am thinking about trying to use a 17 Osage on the upper Yentna above Skwentna with a 10HP motor. Is it safe and what kind of speed could I expect upstream and downstream?

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    Default Canoe on any river

    going up river is always the best, you can always turn a round an float back, if it looks to tuff stop don't go, so going up river on a unknown river is the best.
    but the lodges go up an down the river all the time, some shallow water but that is standard operating in Alasks, hope you have a lift on it? that will make life a lot better for you, have been there with snowmaching a few times,there is a place near some clifts that could be a problem or a log jam or 2 ,

    but there again you are going up an can see what you need to do, are you coming in from the road system or getting the caoe up there, an getting there by large boat or flying in there ???? if you are coming in all the way by canoe it will most of the day if not all day to get to Skentna, not knowing the river, from the road system,

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    Default freighter on the Yentna

    In the early 1980's a friend and I staked out some land along the Yentna under the open to entry program. We build a small hunting cabin on the land and sent a surveyor in to properly survey the land so we could take title. He had someone fly him into the Swentna airstrip with a canoe which I recall was much like a Grumman freighter (long aluminum boat with a square stern) and a 8hp outboard. He ended up missing his flight out because he couldn't get back upstream to Swentna and I don't think the pilot had any idea where the cabin was to buzz him or something.

    We flew in a few days later to check things out and found him holed up in the cabin. He was starting to get pretty anxious and thought he'd be stuck there forever. He did complete the survey but unfortunately told us the land we'd filed for was about a mile away from where we'd already built the cabin. Oops! Wish they'd had them GPS thingies back then. Lashed his canoe to the floats and took him home with us.

    I haven't been back there in so long I don't even know if the cabin is still standing.


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