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    Default haul road map

    Does anyone know where I could pick up a good detailed map of the haul road and surrounding area?

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    Default Maps

    A couple options:
    The Alaska Atlas is pretty good, but between the Yukon River and Prudhoe, the scale is so large, it will not give you the level of detail you may be interested in. They are about $20, you should be able to get one at SW, Fred Meyer, and Barnes and Nobel.

    Google Earth works pretty well and it will give you a good idea on the lay of the land. One you zoom into areas of interest, I use the pins to mark points of interest.

    Quad maps, 1" per mile scale, have good detail, but you will spend a fortune if you want maps of the entire Haul Road. I would pick an area, then get 4 or 5 quad maps around your area of interest. You may be able to get them at SW, but you can get them from USGS in Fairbanks.

    You can also get Sectional aviation maps. I think the scale on those is about 1" per 4 miles. You can get sectional maps at aviation supply places. The last time I bought some, I found a place on the east side of the Fairbanks airport.

    Hope this helps.

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    The map store run by USGS over by the Alaska Pacific University here in Anchorage.

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    Default National Geographic

    The mapping program/CD's are pretty good. You can get as detailed as you need to. Only problem is printing to 8.5"x11" paper is a bit small, but not a big deal.
    You can get H2O proof paper at several places in Fairbanks, not sure about ANC.

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    Default haul road map

    look at Beechy Point A-4NE, I think this is correct.
    You should be able to enlarge and get just the areas you intend to hunt. The maps will show the old grave haul roads and other paths that might make the trek in and out with a bou much easier.

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    There is already a map of the hole dalton out there...try fish and game...I know Del used to sell them so Sportsmens in Fairbanks MIGHT have them. Or try Thomas at kings nock or down here in north pole at Connies place, north pole archery. I may have a set I can copy for you if you cant find them. It shows the 5 mile line clearly and is a ok topo map in it's own right.

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    Thanks for the help, I will try to find the one for the dalton thanks

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    Default Dalton HWY map

    I saw one on pretty regular basis (not sure about now) in Sportsman Warehouse in FBKS, archery department.

    It is a long paper "strip" printed on both sides. The map width is about regular letter page. It includes the entire 5+5 miles corridor (marked on the map) and a bit beyond. Pretty convenient for Dalton HWY hunts, both archery and rifle, I guess.



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