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Thread: Looking for a Moose Hunting Partner Have Boat

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    Default Looking for a Moose Hunting Partner Have Boat

    Im squared away have an extreme shallow river boat and have some good ideas on where I want to hunt looking at 18-25 Sep hunting 20a but possibly open to other ideas fly in or what ever that would be productive Im looking for a 50in plus trophy moose not inerested in a spike fork unless last day. Call me if your interested I live in Fairbanks and know the areas pretty well


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    Default Hunting partners

    Tim, I am in much the same predicament as you. No hunting partners.
    Are you still looking for someone to go with? I am interested. I just retired from the AF and so far not busy. No JOB yet. It's awesome so far. But sooner or later my wife is gonna make me go to work.
    For your hunt, what are the details? I like the boat idea the best. Are you just looking for a second person for safety's sake? I am looking for a brown bear and a meat moose. Spikes are fine for me this year. Wife wants the freezer filled since we are just getting back up here. Wolves and Wolverine would be a nice opportunity as well.

    I have a hunt all booked out on Hinchinbrook for deer and my 2 buds have bailed out on that one. Would you be interested in possibly doing that as well?? My hunt is from 7 November through the 14th. We would take the ferry on the 6th and fly out Saturday whenever the tide is right for a beach landing. Can take 5 deer in there, plus the brown bears.
    I really also need someone to go with me as you would be crazy to go out by yourself. Skinning a deer out with my back to a sneaky bear makes me a bit nervous. Everyone has told me that it's hard to get your deer off the island because of the bears.


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