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Thread: AR-15 front/rear sights

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    Default AR-15 front/rear sights

    I recently purchased a new Colt AR. I want to replace the front/rear factory sights with new tritium sights. I have researched both Trijicon and XS Sights models. Anyone with experience with one/both?? How about degree of difficulty in installation?? Any/all comments appreciated.


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    Default Flat top, A2, or???

    What's the configuration of your rifle? Do you have the fixed A2 carry handle and front sight base, or flat top with rail?
    The way your rifle is set up makes a big difference in the amount of effort and the tools you'll need to get the job done.
    Brownell's, as well as Midway, I believe, offer online video buildup/repair guides for the AR series of rifles.
    If you've got a flat top, it's a piece-o-cake for the rear. Slip a rear sight assembly on, and go for it. If you've got the A2 fixed, well, the effort goes up, as does the potential for damage. Check out the web sites, and research the armorer's manuals for the model you have.

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    Default Ar-15

    I have the A3 configuration.

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    the trijicon sights are the way to go. They should be gunsmith installed for warranty purposes.


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