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Thread: Hornady GMX Bullets

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    Default Hornady GMX Bullets

    Any reports on terminal performance or any other shooting reports...Thinking this bullet will perform a lot like the Nosler E Tip...

    Kinda of intrigued and might try working up load with the 165 grain load in the .300 weatherby...
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    Default Slightly off the mark

    I have been shooting the new Hornady DGS and DGX bullets in 458 Lott. The design is impeccable. Flat meplat, copper covered soft steel encasing lead. Superb.

    That said... Hornady is on a roll... all of their new bullets are good. I may have to take my Barnes TSX and solids out of first place and have them share it with Hornady.

    This is an era of great bullets.

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    I went looking for 150 grain 30 cal bullets to work up a flat shooting load for my 300 win mag. All I could find was one box of GMX's at sportsmans. I worked up a load that was fairly hot and took it to the range. My gun shot them pretty well. 1.5 groups at 100 yards. I didnt have enough bullets to really play around with the loading and still have some left for my hunt.

    Anyway on the afternoon of the 11th I got my ram with the Hornady GMX. one shot at 188 yards. I never recovered the bullet, it really didnt seem to do alot of unessecary damage or maybe it was the way he was hit. It went in neatly broke a couple of ribs, took off the top of the heart and went through the brisket on exit making a 1.5 inch exit hole or so. Maybe smaller, I didnt really inspect the shot damage much. I was just elated that no meat was wasted other than a couple of ribs.

    So thats my report, they worked great for me.

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    Nice going, Matt! Glad to hear you bagged a sheep.


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