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Thread: Powerline Pass conditions? (Indian side)

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    Default Powerline Pass conditions? (Indian side)

    Anyone been between Glen Alps & Indian lately? I'd love to run up it this coming weekend but am wondering if it's overgrown or otherwise not ideal. Would love to hear your thoughts!

    And, where exactly would you park to go UP; ie. what road do you turn onto in Indian. Must admit I usually go down & have never paid any attention to HOW to get UP it.


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    I was up it from the Indian Side a few weeks ago (for the race), it's overgrown in places, but overall it's in great shape. It's not overgrown to the point of being impassable, or anything, just overgrown enough so that the alders whack you in the face. If the alders are wet, you'll get soaked. I think the road is called Ocean View Road, just before the Turnagain House. The trail head is at the end of the road.

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    Hey fyi, trail's still just fine. First 1/2 mile or so is muddy but not sucking mud. There's a short stretch of alder tunnel. And, yeah wow it does go straight up but great trail conditions right now.

    Thanks for the words! And, yep, Oceanview is the road.


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