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Thread: Let's talk about building a 58 cal barrel

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    Default Let's talk about building a 58 cal barrel

    I've got an opportunity to re-barrel a TC Hawken 1" stock. I'm in the process of building the barrel on paper with a custom shop. I plan on using this gun to hunt elk, moose, bears and other large critters.

    I intend to shoot conicals (maxi or minnie slugs) from this barrel.

    Thus far my plan is as follows:
    .58 caliper bore
    1 inch straight octagon barrel
    32 inch length barrel
    1 to 32 RH twist
    .010 lands to grooves

    tapped for a 1" Breach plug designed to mate into the Thompson Center Hooked breach system.

    I've got a non-traditional idea in that I plan to use two offset under barrel lugs to store two ram rods. I'd like to use the ram rods as shooting sticks. Probably will have to carve a new stock to accomodate the extra width of the double ram rods.

    Lyman 3 leaf flip-up rear site system.

    What am I missing here? Any suggestions from you seasoned 58+ cal shooters?
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    I'd check with The Rifle Shop in Oregon about their breeches. They might have a 1" that mates directly with the TC tang.

    I've got four 58 caliber rifles, three of which are 1:48 and one which is 1:72 as I recall. I haven't tried conicals in the latter, but all the others shoot them very well. They also shoot RBs very well. I only bring that up because I'm not sure you need a twist as fast as 1:32 unless you're getting into some really long, heavy slugs. And of course, recoil is going to go way up too. I'd have to go dig them out because I don't remember the weight and models on my various conicals. I know that most are over 500 grains, and with a full charge of powder behind them, they command a lot of attention at both ends of the gun. Twist rate would be an interesting topic to take up with a number of different barrel makers, then compare answers. I'm not sure where that would fall out.

    As for the two ramrod idea, that's absolutely unique. First time I've heard of it. I'm betting it could be done, but I also wonder about the possibility of having a single ramrod which was hollow and held the second one inside with a screw tip. I think it's October country that's making hollow brass ramrods now, and especially with the 58 caliber, enlarging the ramrod hole in the stock might be the only modification needed. It would be an interesting concept too, something to talk over with October Country if I'm right about them making the hollow brass rods.

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    I dont see why you would go through the expense of a custom barrel when you are going to build a new stock anyway Look up the log cabin shop in Lodi Ohio they will have everything you need.

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    The Gun Works, sells a 58 drop in for $250, in the white........custom twists.

    Nice folks to do business with!


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    Yeah, I've bought a fair bit of supplies and accessories from them, as well as a couple of guns. Even stopped by their shop a couple of times. Nice folks, for sure.

    I also learned recently that the TC custom shop is still turning out 58 caliber barrels on special order. I think they're 1:48" twist, but that's plenty fast to stabilize any conical I've tried in my TC Big Boar and a 58 cal custom, both 1:48". BTW- The barrel on that custom is an Oregon barrel from the Gun Works. Accurate as sin.

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    Default Made my decision

    I've decided to go with Oregon Barrel works. They are building me a 58 cal, 32 inches long by 1 inch octagon, 1 to 32 twist, .010 deep rifling with a hooked breach to accomodate my TC Hawken stock. This will obviously be a conical barrel with that fast twist. The price was reasonable, the wait time is expected to be 3 months, but in the big picture 3 months for a lifetime barrel is not that long to wait....planning on using a Lyman double leaf folding rear sight and a TC Fiber Optic front sight.

    I may also have a slower twist patched round ball barrel built in 58 caliper too, 1 to 60 or 70 inch twist....although if a deal ever comes up on that TC Custom shop barrel I'd probably snatch it up too.

    I'm giving some thought to carving out a stock from some highly figured walnut....I'd like to try my hand at a 14 inch length of pull with a 3 inch offset drop. I also can't seem to get the idea out of my head of building the stock extra fat to accomodate the use of double ram rods offset 45 degrees to the sides of the bottom flat. Then I could use the double ram rods as shooting sticks to steady that big ole' click and boomer....
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    That's a very intriguing idea about the ram rod. Would like to see some progress pictures as you proceed forward.


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