On Thursday & Friday I floated the Kenai and brought home 6 good reds. They were all dime bright -- but on two of them the meat was starting to pale (even though the fish was nice and bright). The fish were on ice the entire time -- got home Friday night and put them in the brine for smoking on Saturday. I drained the brine and smoked them last night (Sunday) and canned them today -- but half the meat had turned an orange color and was very soft.

I pulled them out of the smoker this morning -- but I really don't trust the soft / orange meat... (I've canned the good meat).

My question is -- what do you think caused the meat to turn? I freeze / smoke / can lots of reds all summer -- and this meat was definitely different than what I normally see.

Was the fish out too long for the processing (Thursday - Monday)? Did i brine it for too long (they soaked for about 30 hours in the brine - which is about 12 hours longer than I normally do it - but I've done it that long in the past and it was fine)? Was the orange meat caused by the slightly turned fish?

The fish smelled (and smells) fine -- it's just softer than normal and a different color (as a side note I fed a bunch to my dog and he barfed it up... but my dog barfs all the time so that's not really a good indicator).

Any ideas?