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Thread: Anybody use a Piranha prop?

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    Default Anybody use a Piranha prop?

    I just boogered up yet ANOTHER aluminum prop this year, this is my third prop in 3 years, its getting kind of expensive.

    I'm thinking of switching to a piranha prop since replacing the blades at something like 20 bucks each would certianly be cheaper.

    The motor is a Yamaha F75 pushing ~1800 pounds worth of boat, gear, and my (and buddies) lardbutts.

    I dont want to buy a stainless prop as I'll be selling this boat in the spring and applying what I get to the godawful loan I just took out on the new boat.

    Googling around I see a lot of concerns about a composite prop flexing, on the other hand I dont have a 300HP monster either.


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    Hi Maast.

    FWIW I have a 15' 1200lb boat, using a 50HP four stroke prop motor. No complaints with my pirahna prop, it runs almost as fast as the SS prop I have. A little slower holeshot, but overall it's a winner, considering the cost and durability.

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    Default Well obviously I use

    I have used these for a long time, saved me money for sure as I'm always hitting something.
    And correctly they do have a little flex. I found on the bigger boats like my 22' Bayliner 125hp VP, they did not work well, but up to 100 outboard where the horse power to weight ratio is high on the HP, they work great. Just to heavy a boat with low HP, but I kept it for a spare anyway.

    Don't ding or mess up at all you get your money back less freight, and you can trade out pitches by sending back there again for only the cost of freight.

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    Default They have an application

    We ran one on our 18' glass ski boat w/a 115 on the back. Worked great and allowed us to change pitch according to the load. Easy to use and inexpensive to replace.

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    Default Piranha prop

    I used one with a 115 Merc on a 20 foot boat and only lost a couple mph over the stainless I was using. I also was able to try different pitches using the Piranha. I kept it as a back up after I was though playing with it. At the time there was a local dealer here in Anchorage, he was selling out of his home.


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