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    I have a seward combo trip booked friday for Halibut/cod and bass. Was just curious since its my first time fishing out of seward, and have never been on a rock fishing trip what to expect, anyone done it recently? how is the fishing this time of year? I know peak time is in July. They told me its been decent fishing the last week or so. I normally fish out of homer but have never gone out of seward so wanted to try something different. Is the cod/bass fishing good? Do the yellow eye hang out in the cod areas? would love to tie into one of those.

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    I've taken my boat out of Seward a few times this summer, and we had little problem getting into the rockfish. The biggest problem was that you are only allowed on non-pelagic fish per person and its quite easy to hook the yellow eyes.

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    So what does that mean? If you catch a yellow eye and keep it you cant keep any bass? I was under the impression the bass limit was 4 and yellow eye one per day. Am I wrong?

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    nevermind I went back and read the regs black bass a palegic yellow eye are non.
    It pays to read the regs.

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    Thumbs up I think...

    If you have mainly fished halibut out of Homer and you have a good fishing trip on your Seward combo you probably won't be fishing Homer again for awhile. Those Seward combos are good trips.

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    yeah im pretty stoked, lived here for 30 years been out of homer a million times but never been out of seward just hope the weather is decent friday.


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