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Thread: Current condition of the Murphy Dome Road?

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    Default Current condition of the Murphy Dome Road?

    Does anyone know the curent condition of the Murphy Dome Road since they were battling fires?

    We were hoping that the road will be in better
    shape since they may have used it as a fire line.

    We were wanting to get into the Chatanika or Minto Flats.

    Has anyone been in there recently fishing for pike or sheefish?

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    Well, I heard from one of the head guys on the fire that they made it better but are required to return it to "near" how they found it. Not that that helps you much...I am headed down to there this coming weekend so will know more then. As for the mid June it was horrible..water was high and coffee brown. In the latter part of July it had improved significantly but the river was really in as low as I have ever seen it. With these most recent rains and the dumping of extra water by the should be doable.


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