I went after some grouse today. Ruffs would have been nice, but saw only Sprucies. Groups of two, three and family of six. I shot the adult male out of the group of three. The male was strutting for two females and they were chasing each other and sprinting around. I watched them for about ten minutes before I flushed them up into trees.
When I shot the male, he fell straight down about forty feet giving his last flutters which continued for a bit on the ground till I could get to him. The odd thing was as soon as he started to fall, one of the females dropped down from a different tree and flew right to him on the ground. She only flew a little way on the ground when I got up to him. I've never seen one go to another as they gave their death throes.
I debated shooting them after I watched for so long, but figured they wouldn't have much success with a brood this late. Who knows? I was hungry and the two I shot today are being cooked right now with some King Boletes my wife picked.