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    Default DIY float

    Trying to decide on a river for a do-it-yourself float. Will need to rent a boat, etc.

    So far leaning toward either the Kisaralik, Kwethluk, or Koktuli. Looking for good 'bow and dolly fishing to compliment good salmon fishing.

    Targeting the 2nd to 3rd week in July 2010.

    Thanks much in advance.

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    Default koktuli

    Koktuli is a decent float. Your dates are a bit early for silvers to be present in decent numbers. By then Kings and chums should be just starting to spawn. Rainbows, dollies and grayling are present in good numbers. It is a pretty easy float, with lots of good gravel bars for camping. There are a few sketchy channels that have sweepers and log jams and a little bit of dragging in the upper stretch before the forks. We ended up having to line a boat back upstream a couple hundred yards when the channel we were in disappeared into a giant log jam. Not too big of a deal though. Plenty of wildlife too.

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    Default Koktuli

    Who did you use to fly you in to the Koktuli? Did you use your own boat or rent?

    What time of year did you go? Did you float all the way down to Mulchatna?

    How was the fishing?


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    Default Papa bear adventures

    If you are looking for an outfitter in the southwest, I highly recommend Papa Bear. We used them last month for a Kanektok River float, and they were great. We brought one of our own boats, and rented one from them. All of their equipment was in great shape, and looked brand new.

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    You're not the first to recommend Papa Bear. They sound like a first rate outfit. We are planning on using them.


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    Here's a fresh report from a NorCal dude who just came off the Kwethluk.

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    A group of four of us have floated the Kwethluk twice and the Goodnews once. We used PB Adventures for all three trips. Very professional outfit with very experienced pilots. I highly recommend the Kwethluk. We went in mid Aug and early Sept. Lots of Silvers and rainbows both times, but my favorite thing about that river is the islolation. Both trips ( which totaled 22 days) did not see another human for the first 60 miles of river, and after that only one other group near the bottom of the float. If you'd like more info let me know.


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