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Thread: Seward Ling Cod, Yellow Eye, and Silvers?

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    Default Seward Ling Cod, Yellow Eye, and Silvers?

    I am looking for any information on catching Lings, Yellow Eye, and Silvers in Resurection Bay. I have spent most of my time in Kachemak Bay and would like to venture to seward and try other species. I have a girlfriend that loves to fish but is easily bored when the fishing is slow. I think most of you can relate to what I'm talking about.... I am just looking for any spots to start or techniques to catch any of the above(especially yellow eye as she keeps talking about them?). I am not looking for any super secret holes or techniques as I understand how much time people put in to find them and try them out as I have done the same. Just looking for a little help because as most of you know the first few times out fishing anywhere are mostly trial and error and can be boring for some. Any info you spare would be great. I havent spent much time catching rock bass and maybe a few tips on where to start, what to use and depths would be great!!



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    Default read the regs...

    Check out the regs and get a chart before you go. No ling fishing is allowed in Resurection Bay. If you go out of the bay and catch a ling you can not come back and fish in the bay. You can find rock fish in Pony Cove, Thumbs Cove, Caines Head, etc. or most areas that are close to the rocky shore. Bigger rock fish and yellow eye are out of the bay for the most part. Herring, discarded salmon parts, not the fillets, squid, etc. all work for lings, rock fish and yellow eye. Jigs work great to and I like drift fishing with a jig and a light weight jig rod and reel the best. There is no end to the jigs that are in the stores. Not hard to spend a few bucks if you get into it. All of the fish listed tast better to me then halibut.

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    Default Seward

    Silvers: look for bait balls and mooch or troll
    Rockfish: look for outcropings near islands or rocky "humps on the bottom"
    Lingcod: it is illegal to retain lingcod caught in resurection bay. if you catch them outside the bay they have to be a minimum length to keep(36" I believe) once you have a ling retained onboard you cannot fish in the bay.

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    What depth of water do I fish in for rock bass and yellow eyes or does it matter, and how deep do I jig for them at?

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    Rock fish (bass) are in the water column above the rock structures. The lings & yellow eye are below the bass &/or off the edge of the structures. Often when catching bass the lings will grab onto them and ride them to the top. If you don't take the bass out of the water you can gaff the ling. To the east of Resurrection Bay (not sure the line) you can keep 2 lings per day

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    Default Huh?

    Quoted: To the east of Resurrection Bay (not sure the line) you can keep 2 lings per day.

    Im not sure about this limit out of Seward. Its 2 out of whittier but i thought 1 per day out of seward??

    Quote: you can gaff the ling.

    Dont think you can legally gaff them either, though the guides do because they know what 36" looks like, just better be sure there 36" before you kill one of those awsome fish
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    if you catch rockfish in less than 60 feet of water you can usually release them unharmed
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