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Thread: CPAP in the field - on the water

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    Default CPAP in the field - on the water

    I am looking to buy a battery operated CPAP machine to use when I fish and hunt - anybody have a reccomendation on a good model? Thanks in advance -

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    Default CPAP Alternative

    Although maybe not exactly what you're looking for, there are dental mouth guard type devices for sleep apnea that are getting more and more popular.

    My mom got one to use because she could not sleep with a CPAP and it's worked wonders for her. Plus, I'm guessing that given its size, it's probably a lot easier to lug around fishing and hunting than a CPAP. Hope this helps!

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    I went looking for Battery packs to power my BiPap machine and decided it would be cheaper to buy a car battery and an inverter. Especially if i leave the humidifier at home.

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    I have been powering mine with two deep cycle batts and an inverter. It will run for a couple nights worth of sleep and then I have to re-charge the batts. No big deal on a boat if you hook them up to the charging system while running around.

    There are a few machines out there that have battery packs, I have never used one but when I replace my current machine I will get one. Check out the AEIOmed Everest 2 CPAP Machine on

    On a side note to CPAP users, stop buying your supplies at your doctors office, get them from or one of the other places online. Save big $$, but you have to submit the stuff to insurance yourself. The mask I use is listed at $169 on and my doctor sells it for over $300.


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