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Thread: CPAP in the field

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    Default CPAP in the field

    I am looking to buy a CPAP that is battery operated to use when I hunt and fish - anyone have any reccomendations? thanks in advance

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    Default Try this

    I have mild apnea - cpap dry's my sinus' out so bad I hate to use it.
    I found about 15 years ago that if I put 1 stick of gum in my mouth right before bed it seems to help a lot. Haven't ever choked on it but did once find it stuck to my pillow. Anyway you might give it a try and see what happens...
    Good luck

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    I had a surgery that did away with the apnea and I have no need for a CPAP machine.
    Best thing that I have ever done, my life does not count on having access to a machine to help me sleep or breathe. Ask your ENT about the UP3.

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    Here comes the calvary!!!
    Take your machine to Radio Shack. THey have an adapter that plugs into your CPAP machine with cables that clamp onto a car battery. The set up comes with two adapters, one for the car cigarette lighter and the other, as I explained, that clamps onto a car battery that you can take into camp with you. I would recommend a deep cycle marine battery vs. a car battery...longer lasting. Not recommended for sheep hunting... how much does a marine battery weigh???

    Another cheaper idea, sew a tennis ball into the back of a sleeping shirt. This will keep you off your back. Now this you can pack into a sheep hunt!

    DISCLAIMER, not giving out medical advice, just one son of a gun's advice to another!
    Luck, PH


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