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    Default WACH Caribou

    Anyone have a hunt coming up soon? WALT how about you, have any scheduled partys heading out soon? Any feedback on weather or movements would be great!

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    Went hunting this morning ...just a short boat ride after sunup, and we saw none within a mile of the beach. Sooooooo I came back and dreamed about Caribou....

    But Im on the Seward Pennensula and we were loking for the "staybehind" bulls of the WACH, who didnt migrate with the herd and are waiting here, at their winter grounds, for the ladys to come back at freeze up.

    Most are on the North Slope yet, and the big move wont happen till September.
    My son at home, on Kobuk river, has caught 10 or so this last month, and all were in good health, as were the ones the wife and I came here for.

    The biologist on the raido stated that the Herd was in good health, so all is well.
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    Default Wach

    Yep, getting close for us. Looking for more reports myself. We head out Sept 1st-10th.

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    Default Kellly River


    I was up in the Kelly River Drainage last week for about 4 days fishing and no animals. It is early and you should expect to see critters moving onto the south sine of the Brooks Range as soon as the weather gets nasty on the north side. Start watching the weather reports!

    I flew with NW Aviation and Jim tells me that there are No animals in the unit except a few groups that live year round and Reindeer.

    This is planning time guys! Get your gear packed and know where you’re going to hunt! Early hunting groups should expect to see groups of animals in the upper Kelly, Kugguroruk and The Nimmi. If You are hunting in late Aug-Sept. 4-5 I would head into the Desperation Lake area and the Anisac River (upper Noatak).

    Good luck on your hunting guys!



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