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    Default hunting buddy wanted

    Ok let me start off with a memo for all readers I DONT SPEND MUCh TIME ONLINE so hence, I dont log on much.
    with that said i wont be responding every day so leave info if youre interested. Im planing on a series of hunts near fairbanks, caribou on the dalton highway/haul rd. leaving anchorage in a chevy tahoe, by the morning of sept. 1st. I have room for 1-2 other party members to make a group of 4 total. We are pulling a cargo trailer up to haul gear and make dry sleeping conditions since we plan to be on the move alot. We will move where the game is via the road, then hike out and hunt, somtimes setting spike camps. There is that archery only regulation for 5 miles either side the road, hence you as a party member better be ready to pack meat if youre heading out further to riffle hunt.( im not opposed to this )I only ask that you come with youre own gear capable of finishing the job youre hunt will require, and you give as much effort towards camp chores and packing as you excpect to get in return. I have a lot of gear and dont mind comunity camping, to reduce the amount of gear, we all just wana have a good time and reduce the price of the hunt, meet some good people, and find some new country. Were hard core hunters and push hard, and want some guys or gals who will do the same.
    Secound part of the hunt will push us south near the yukon for moose by the 10th of sept. we will stock up in fairbanks, get fuel and depart with people that may need to get back home. I dont have a place in mind as to where this hunt may take place since some areas are very smokey, and water tables are as of now lower. we are willing to work out plans as a party as more info. comes available. This hunt ends on the 21st and then back to anchorage. both of our hunts are being video taped (1080i HD) for a upcoming production, if you wana get on tape nows youre shot, well all have tags and hunt and tape as we go, if you dont wana be taped thats fine too, so this is what I need from you, we split fuel cost and exspenses excpected for this kind of travel, excluding food, lodgeing, gear purchases or any other person purchases. must meet hunter/s before sept! to confirm.
    good luck at any rate, to all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by realthing hunting View Post
    both of our hunts are being video taped (1080i HD) for a upcoming production,
    what kind of production?...not interested in the hunt but curious about the plans for the footage...
    pull my finger....

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    I might be up for the second hunt as I don't have a moose hunt in the works but I do plan on hunting moose. Only problem is should I not get a sheep on my first hunt I plan on going back for the last week of the season. Are you in Anchorage?


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